February 14, 2024

Where to go for a delicious meal: Restaurants popular with guests of Hotel Neiburgs in and outside Riga

Are you searching for the best restaurants in Riga? If you are looking to find out about restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent meal, this blog post is for you. We are going to review the best restaurants not just in Riga and the heart of the city, the Old Town, but also in other parts of Latvia.

Author: Kristina Oļševska

We all expect something special from a visit to a restaurant, and that makes choosing the right dining spot a somewhat tricky task. What makes restaurants special is their chefs and exclusive dishes, their design and ambience ‒ and service, of course. Combining all these elements, each restaurant acquires a unique identity ‒ the very reason why people are willing to visit it again and again.

This list comprises fifteen restaurants that have proved their class, their level of food quality and service, and have become popular places frequented by the guests of our hotel. Under each restaurant’s name you will find a short description, the price range and address. Please check the actual opening hours on the website of each restaurant.

Neiburgs Restaurant in the Old Town

NEIBURGS Restaurant has become a popular place for lunch, dinner and catching up with friends ‒ both for locals and visitors of Riga.

The success of NEIBURGS Restaurant is rooted in combination of historical and stylish elements in the décor and the menu alike.

The menu of the restaurant is driven by popular Latvian flavours and seasonal locally sourced ingredients from Riga Central Market and Latvian farms, as well as carefully selected imported products. And so local traditions meet influences of a variety of global cuisines.

The large windows that used to be display windows for shops formerly housed on the ground floor of the building invite guests of the restaurant leisurely watch the Old Town life sliding past ‒ and become part of this life themselves.

In the summer months, food is also served on an open-air terrace.

Prices at the NEIBURGS Restaurant

Starters: 9.50€ ‒ 12.00€

Main Courses: 7.00€ ‒ 24.00€

Desserts: 6.50€ ‒ 7.50€

Address of the NEIBURGS Restaurant

Jauniela 25/27, Riga

3 Chefs’ Restaurant ‘Tam Labam Būs Augt’

In Latvia, a mention of the 3 CHEFS’ RESTAURANT, also known as ‘Tam labam būs augt’ (which translates as ‘The Good Things Must Grow’), needs no further elaboration. The hallmark of the restaurant is its founders, the well-known Latvian chefs Mārtiņš Sirmais and Ēriks Dreibants. The eponymous third chef who joined this tandem later is Pāvels Skopa. This open-kitchen restaurant was set up in 2011 and has by now become one of the most popular places of this type in Riga.

The restaurant will definitely impress you with its cosy atmosphere. The design objects, pastel colour scheme and welcoming staff are good reasons to visit the 3 CHEFS’ RESTAURANT again.

You can visit the restaurant not just to enjoy a meal but also step into the shoes of a professional cook and prepare a dish under the guidance of a chef.

Prices at the 3 CHEFS’ Restaurant

Starters: 8.00€ ‒ 12.00€

Main Courses: 9.00€ ‒ 34.00€

Desserts: 7.00€ ‒ 8.00€

Address of the 3 CHEFS’ Restaurant

Torņa Street 4, Riga

Restaurant John

The JOHN Restaurant is one of the latest additions to Riga’s dining scene. Opened as recently as in May 2021, it has already earned a following among restaurant-goers. The chef in charge of the JOHN Restaurant Kristaps Sīlis has previously worked in a number of famous Michelin-starred restaurants abroad.

At JOHN, you can enjoy sophisticated fare in a democratic yet elegant ambience. The menu is constantly changing: dishes are always prepared from seasonal ingredients.

In the summer months, a fourth-floor open terrace with an excellent view of the Viesturdārzs park is available for booking for private events.

Prices at the JOHN Restaurant

Menu is available at the restaurant.

Address of the JOHN Restaurant

Ausekļa Street 22, Riga (in the Hotel A22 building)

Restaurant Italissimo

ITALISSIMO is a family-oriented Italian restaurant; its décor was created by designer Anda Ozoliņa. If you feel like a meal of pizza, pasta or other Mediterranean dishes cooked in keeping with the best Italian traditions, the ITALISSIMO Restaurant is definitely the place to go.

At ITALISSIMO, food is prepared on a wood-fire grill. The menu of grilled dishes lists steaks, entrecôte, lamb chops, fish and seafood: octopuses, tiger prawns and baby squid.

There is no need to pack your bags just to enjoy authentic Italian flavours ‒ you can simply visit the Italian restaurant ITALISSIMO right here in Riga.

Prices at the ITALISSIMO Restaurant

Starters: 10.85€ ‒ 12.85€

Main Courses: 10.85€ ‒ 26.85€

Desserts: 1.95€ ‒ 6.85€

Address of the ITALISSIMO Restaurant

Baznīcas Street 27/29, Riga

Restaurant White House

The WHITEHOUSE Restaurant is located in Vērmane Garden, the second oldest public park in Riga. A contemporary restaurant, WHITEHOUSE offers its guests a modern décor, a wonderful view from its windows and a menu that makes your hands itch to pick up your planner and choose a date for your next visit.

The restaurant serves fare prepared from local, European and Asian ingredients, transformed by experienced chefs into unforgettable flavour combinations.

Prices at the WHITEHOUSE Restaurant

Starters: 5.00€ ‒ 22.00€

Main Courses: 26.00€ ‒ 85.00€

Desserts: 6.00€ ‒ 12.00€

Address of the WHITEHOUSE Restaurant

Vērmane Garden, Tērbatas Street 2, Riga

Restaurant Vincents

Would you say that a restaurant visited by the likes of Elton John, Angela Merkel, George W. Bush and Prince Charles is worth dropping by?

VINCENTS Restaurant is a popular destination for foodies travelling in Europe. It was opened back in 1994 by Mārtiņš Rītiņš, arguably the most famous chef in Latvia. Following a few years’ break, Rītiņš has now returned to VINCENTS, taking back the reins of the restaurant. Only seasonal, fresh and ecologically clean ingredients are used in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Prices at the Vincents Restaurant

Starters: 20.00€ ‒ 26.00€

Main Course: 20.00€ ‒ 75.00€

Address of the Vincents Restaurant

Elizabetes Street 19, Riga

Restaurant Ferma

The FERMA Restaurant is chef Māris Astičs’ project and his debut as a restaurateur. Māris Astičs became a chef at 23 and opened his own FERMA Restaurant at the age of 29.

The restaurant’s tasteful décor is dominated by an earthy colour scheme.

Prices at the FERMA Restaurant

Starters: 4.00€ ‒ 23.00€

Main Courses: 19.50€ ‒ 29.80€

Desserts: 7.20€ ‒ 7.80€

Address of the FERMA Restaurant

Valkas Street 7, Riga

Restaurant Kaļķu vārti

Set in the very heart of the Old Town of Riga, in Jauniela, KAĻĶU VĀRTI is a popular restaurant among tourists ‒ not just because of its location but also thanks to the famously delicious fare served there.

The décor of KAĻĶU VĀRTI Restaurant is modern and light, featuring references to Latvian ethnographic traditions. In the summer months, guests can also enjoy their meal on the KAĻĶU VĀRTI courtyard terrace, surrounded by the ancient stone walls of the Old Town.

Prices at the KAĻĶU VĀRTI Restaurant

Starters: 6.50€ ‒ 15.00€

Main Courses: 9.50€ ‒ 22.00€

Desserts: 6.50€ ‒ 7.50€

Address of the KAĻĶU VĀRTI Restaurant

Jauniela 20, Riga

Restaurant The Catch

THE CATCH is a Japanese-style gastropub or izakaya in Riga. They serve traditional Japanese cuisine with a contemporary twist.

If you want to sample a number of different dishes yet avoid overindulging, this is the perfect place for you, since the gastropub serves its guests sharing dishes.

At THE CATCH, you can enjoy meat, fish and vegetables cooked on the Japanese robatayaki grill, as well as traditional sashimi, sushi and poke of excellent quality. In this cosy place you can also choose from a wide selection of Japanese alcoholic beverages.

Prices at the THE CATCH Restaurant

Starters: 4.00€ ‒ 15.00€

Main Courses: 4.00€ ‒ 55.00€

Desserts: 3.00€ ‒ 7.00€

Address of the THE CATCH Restaurant

Antonijas Street 12‒19 (entrance from Dzirnavu Street), Riga

Restaurant Riviera

The Riviera Restaurant stands out among others with its sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine and a particularly cosy atmosphere that will suit every guest’s everyday and festive needs.

Created by Jānis Sokolovskis, the menu brings together food from Italy, Spain, France and Greece. Real foodies will also appreciate the special wine menu featuring the most popular wines of Mediterranean countries.

Dominated by light and calm colours and featuring stone mosaic wall decors, southern motifs and well-thought-out design elements, the restaurant space embraces you like a sunny summer’s day.

Prices at the RIVIERA Restaurant

Starters: 4.85€ ‒ 16.45€

Main Courses: 11.85€ ‒ 35.55€

Desserts: 6.75€ ‒ 7.85€

Address of the RIVIERA Restaurant

Dzirnavu Street 31 (entrance from Antonijas Street), Riga

36. Līnija Restaurant in Jūrmala

The open kitchen of the 36 LĪNIJA Restaurant provides an insight into the backstage area of restaurant life and observe an exciting real-life cookery show. The restaurant owns an adjacent smokery where various types of locally sourced fish are smoke-cured.

The kitchen is run by Head Chef Lauris Aleksejevs; the restaurant has been named the Best Restaurant in Jūrmala for three years running. With his personable nature, simple ways and friendly character, Lauris Aleksejevs conjures up a special ambience in the day-to-day life of the restaurant, making you always feel welcome and special.

The gastronomic pleasures are enhanced by choice beverages. The best wines from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Chile, Australia, California and New Zealand are represented in the wine menu. The restaurant’s sommeliers will be happy to help you navigate the unique collection and match wine with your food.

With the first warm sunshine, you are invited to make yourself at home on the summer terrace and surrender yourself to the magic of seaside air and pine-tree fragrance, as well as the allure of food and drinks prepared with love.

Prices at the 36. LĪNIJA Restaurant

Starters: 9.50€ ‒ 22.00€

Main Courses: 10.80€ ‒ 44.00€

Desserts: 7.50€ ‒ 10.50€

Address of the 36. LĪNIJA Restaurant

Baznīcas Street 2b, Jūrmala

Pavāru Māja Restaurant in Līgatne

Golden autumn day in Līgatne? Definitely. Līgatne is an excellent destination for a day off in any season. Walk the Līgatne nature trails watching the flora and fauna, go up the observation tower. And by no means do forget to have a meal at the PAVĀRU MĀJA (translates as ‘The Chefs’ House’) Restaurant. This is a place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of busy urban life to find new inspiration and spend some time with their loved ones. The PAVĀRU MĀJA Restaurant is not just about food; it is a story and a real experience in its own right.

To treat you to an unforgettable experience of the most vivid regional flavours available at the moment, the Chef-Patron of the restaurant Ēriks Dreibants and his team serve food prepared only from seasonal ecologically farm-grown and foraged ingredients.

Prices at the PAVĀRU MĀJA Restaurant

6-course menu ‒ 59€ adults, 20€ children

4-course menu ‒ 39€ adults, 20€ children

Selection of matched wines 35€/25€

Selection of non-alcoholic beverages 25€/15€

Address of the PAVĀRU MĀJA Restaurant

Pilsoņu Street 2, Līgatne

Akustika Restaurant in Valmiera

Valmiera, also sometimes referred to as the Centre of Vidzeme region, is definitely a city worth visiting. One of the city’s most stately and oldest buildings, the former Post and Telegraph Office, is now housing the AKUSTIKA Restaurant ‒ a place where you can enjoy good food, hospitality and art.

At the core of the restaurant’s team are three friends who have conjured up a warm and welcoming place that offers family-style hospitality, flavours of many kitchens of the world and musical performances. The restaurant is a place where history meets a contemporary vibe.

The chefs of the AKUSTIKA Restaurant have developed a new conceptual menu, inviting each guest to choose the elements of their meal, which allows them to assemble and experience combinations of many different flavours.

Prices at the AKUSTIKA Restaurant:

Starters: 4.50€ ‒ 9.00€

Main Courses: 5.00€ ‒ 17.00€

Desserts: 1.50€ ‒ 4.00€

Address of the AKUSTIKA Restaurant:

Diakonāta Street 6, Valmiera

Kest Restaurant in Cēsis

A visit to the city of Cēsis offers not just wonderful natural landscapes and views of ancient architecture but also an opportunity to enjoy delicious food at the KEST Restaurant.

One of the most beautiful cities in Latvia, Cēsis is undoubtedly a great destination for local and foreign travellers alike. And one of the best elements of travelling is definitely visiting cafés, restaurants and pubs.

The KEST Restaurant is run by Chef Māris Jansons, one of the most talented chefs in Latvia. Having first earned recognition in Riga, Māris decided to open his own restaurant in the charming city of Cēsis.

The KEST Restaurant serves five-course meals, offering both omnivore and vegetarian menus.

Prices at the KEST Restaurant:

5-course meal ‒ 45€

5-course vegetarian meal ‒ 45€

Matched alcoholic beverages for a 5-course meal ‒ 30€

Matched non-alcoholic beverages ‒ 20€

Address of the KEST Restaurant:

Valmieras Street 1, Cēsis