February 14, 2024

Neiburgs Hotel library in Riga hosted the launch of children’s book ‘I Am the Boss’ (‘Es esmu Boss’) by Zane Zusta

Have you read the Latvian bestsellers ‘Cockroaches in my Head’ or ‘Cockroaches in your Head’? Both are easy-reading books that contain real life-based stories and some home truths with an additional psychological touch. However, that’s a topic for another conversation.

Author: Kristina Olsevska

We are happy to share the news that the author of these bestsellers Zane Zusta chose us, Neiburgs Hotel and Restaurant, as the venue for the launch of her latest book ‘I Am the Boss’, which she wrote with the prominent children’s psychiatrist Nikita Bezborodovs and psychologist, cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist Gunita Kleinberga.

The first children’s book on anxiety written in Latvia, it explains one of its varieties, obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is a story of a boy called Elvis, who is haunted by obsessive thoughts sent his way by Anxiety (also known as Dunce in the book). Some worksheets and even a Boss’ passport are also included at the back of the volume to help the readers fight their anxiety.

‘I attended the launch of my children’s book “I Am the Boss” in the library room of the Neiburgs Hotel. The pleasantly cosy and cultured ambience, the presence of books and the moderately-sized yet spacious and airy room with the large windows, which are like the ‘eyes’ of the place, and the leather sofa that almost looks as if someone had been sitting there and just got up to get another cup of tea were perfect for this occasion. I am happy that it is the library of Neiburgs Hotel that will be storing my memories of the event that matters so much to me,’ says Zane Zusta.

As for us, we could not be happier that this book was written and published ‒ particularly because it does a good job of explaining anxiety, one of this year’s dominant emotions, to our children (and, frankly, to us parents as well). It is so important to understand what is happening in our minds to start fighting it. Thank you, Zane, for helping us make sense of all that!

Dear reader, if you would like to get to now this book while leisurely sipping a hot tea in an autumnal ambience, come and visit us at 25/27 Jauniela in the narrow streets of the Old Town.

Zane Zusta at the Art Nouveau facade of the Riga hotel Neiburgs
Zane Zusta at the Art Nouveau facade of the Riga hotel Neiburgs