February 14, 2024

Hotels outside Riga for leisurely rest

We all want to relax once in a while. There are different ways of relaxation, of course, but the best option ‒ especially for city-dwellers ‒ is an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Author: Kristina Oļševska

We all want to relax once in a while. There are different ways of relaxation, of course, but the best option ‒ especially for city-dwellers ‒ is an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life: switching off the alarm clock (ideally ‒ also the phone), enjoying your morning coffee in a quiet sunlit spot amidst nature and leaving the worries and unfinished work for everyday city life ‒ for another day. Sadly, this option is not available to everyone: not everybody is so fortunate to own (or have family that owns) a countryside property. And even if you do, it does not necessarily offer the same satisfaction as a stay at a hotel where you get catered to and pampered and are free to enjoy your holidays without a worry, recharging for the new week ahead.

Those who live in other parts of the country, on the other hand, often feel the appeal of a city break in the capital – spending a couple of days getting to know the romantic Old Town streets that meander among historical architectural landmarks and some of the most stylish shops in the city. If you are looking to spend your vacation in Riga, you might find the Neiburgs Hotel and Restaurant offers enticing. Take a look at Hotel Neiburgs special offers!

To further explore the main subject of this article, we have compiled a list of hotels outside Riga, recommended and loved by our friends, acquaintances and hospitality professionals.

Villa Santa, Cēsis

Located in Cēsis, on a slope on the banks of the Gauja River, the six-hectare territory of VILLA SANTA Hotel houses three guest villas and a restaurant, the BRIDGE HOUSE banquet hall, an old apple orchard and a renovated wooden gazebo.

There are 30 rooms in the three villas for the comfort of the guests; the rooms feature airy décor with a touch of Scandi minimalism and Latvian early-20th-century bourgeois style, retaining the summer house ambience.

The restaurant dining room bears the hallmark of VILLA SANTA Hotel ‒ works by the iconic Latvian painter Ieva Iltnere while an original piece by the artist, painted on commission by the hotel, is on view at the reception area.

Each of the villas ‒ Santa, Ieva and Carola ‒ has a story of its own, relating to the ŽURNĀLS SANTA Publishing House, a distinctive historical aura as well as beautiful rest areas in the lobby.

As you gaze at the inspiring vista of the woodland slope, the hotel spa area will bring harmony not just to your body but also to your soul. A steam bath, sauna and massage are available for your comfort and wellbeing.

VILLA SANTA address: Gaujas iela 88, Cēsis

Art Hotel Roma, Liepāja

The building at 2 Zivju Street in Liepāja that used to house the city’s famous Hotel de Rome has now been transformed into the modern ART HOTEL ROMA. Located in the heart of Liepāja, in Romas Dārzs (Roman Garden), one of the most beautiful courtyards in the city, the hotel is a stone’s throw from the picturesque Rožu Square (Rose Square).

The hotel offers 28 individually designed rooms decorated with original artwork. There is a unique aura to each room, created by light, décor, colour and space. The rooms have been furnished using natural materials ‒ wood, brickwork, metal and linen, creating a cosy ambience. Every detail of the décor has been thoughtfully selected to provide pleasant emotions and also a little bit of something unexpected, while also preserving historical legacy.

The ART HOTEL ROMA building houses the Roma Restaurant, Romas Beķereja pastry shop, Romas Dārzs art gallery and Bertschy conference room featuring hi-tech equipment.

Both Liepāja Theatre and Lielais Dzintars (Great Amber) Concert Hall are just a short walk away, so you can easily enjoy art not just by viewing the paintings in the rooms but also in its most immediate and passionate form ‒ attending theatre performances or concerts.

ART HOTEL ROMA address: Zivju iela 3, Liepāja

Maestro Design Hotel, Liepāja

MAESTRO DESIGN HOTEL is a design hotel in the very heart of Liepāja, quite near the Great Amber concert hall. Although it was only in July 2021 that the hotel opened its door, it has already won recognition among visitors.

The guests can choose one of 11 rooms, all of which can boast an individual and unique design. The décor could be described as a mix of modernism and minimalism, the main emphasis being on designer furniture and accessories.

You won’t have to go far looking for a delicious meal: the hotel houses a restaurant run by one of the best chefs in Latvia, Artūrs Preimanis.

MAESTRO DESIGN HOTEL address: Jūras iela 22, Liepāja

Miķelis Hotel, Bauska Municipality

Would you like to immerse yourself from head to toe into Latvian nature and a classic Zemgale lowlands landscape? There is a wonderful place on the banks of the Mūsa River in Gailīši Parish, Bauska Municipality that will offer you exactly the picture conjured up above; it is MIĶELIS HOTEL.

In this scenic part of Zemgale, 12 kilometres from the town of Bauska, you will be able to enjoy this charming natural landscape, part of a tidy and calm lowland region, as well as learn about life in Zemgale around the turn of the 20th century by visiting a historical farmstead, make a trip back to the past at a motoring museum with its collection of retro cars ‒ both part of the hotel complex ‒ and have sophisticated meals.

The offers at MIĶELIS HOTEL include a boat rental for a trip down the Mūsa River, a bathhouse available for booking for an immunity-boosting and fatigue-reducing session, an outdoor terrace with grill for some time to spend together, as well as a bicycle rental and a children’s playground for some fun.

MIĶELIS HOTEL address: Uzvara, Gailīši Parish, Bauska Municipality

Jonathan SPA Estate Hotel, Amata Municipality

Jonathan SPA Estate in Amata Municipality is the first Latvian five-star hotel outside a city. It is a truly remarkable and unique hotel with its approach of combining untouched Latvian nature with an elegant décor and top-class standards of service.

If you are on the lookout for an escape from the city and enjoy an encounter with genuinely magical wildlife, you need to look no further than this hotel: a landscape encircled by lakes, cosy and comfortable rooms, sophisticated meals served at the restaurant.

Jonathan SPA Estate also invites you to relax at their spa complex with a swimming pool, a Turkish bath and sauna, a shungite room, an outdoor jacuzzi, spa rituals and massage treatments.

The hotel owns a well-groomed territory with hiking trails and private lake-site recreation sites where you can go for a swim or do some angling. During the summer season you can rent SUP boards and boats having even more fun on the water.

JONATHAN SPA ESTATE address: "Ezerputni", Amatciems, Drabeši Parish, Amata Municipality

Zoltners, Tērvete Parish

If you are tired of living in the ‘concrete jungle’, the time has come for you to discover the place where the horizon seems farthest away in Latvia ‒ Zemgale midlands. ZOLTNERS Hotel, Restaurant and Brewery is a place filled with pastoral harmony, a place where you go to take a look around and expand your horizons. The well-thought-out architecture, idyllic countryside landscapes and the sense of calm that finds you when you are in Tērvete, are all a perfect reason for visiting the ZOLTNERS Hotel and Restaurant again and again.

Even in Riga they say that ZOLTNERS is one of the best restaurants in Latvia. The restaurant menu is taken care of by Chef Nauris Malāhovs, a supporter of local ingredients who knows how to transform seasonal products into the most delicious dishes.

At the ZOLTNERS Restaurant you can also taste Zoltners beer and three other original brands of beer.

The hotel rooms are housed in a 1930s private house and its barn. Make no mistake: the rooms offer high-quality modern décor and a view of cereal fields.

ZOLTNERS Restaurant and Hotel is also merely a couple of kilometres away from Tērvete country park; visit to it will be a wonderful addition to your holiday experience: amusement ground, Gnome Village, Fairy-Tale Forest with wood sculptures of characters from the children’s plays by Anna Brigadere, observation tower and other fun things and places that appeal to kids and grownups alike are available throughout the day.

ZOLTNERS Hotel and Restaurant address: Zoltners, Kroņauce, Tērvete Parish

OTTO Hotel & Sun, Pāvilosta

Sun shines every day throughout the year in OTTO Hotel & Sun in Pāvilosta, even during the cold and dark months of the year. If you choose this hotel as your holiday destination, you can be sure that you will be going home well-rested and positively charged.

People often oversleep at OTTO Hotel: the beds are so comfortable and the soft cotton bed linen is so smooth to the touch that not just your natural inner timepiece but also any alarm clock miraculously start to sound much quieter. The rooms are cosy, sunny and feature Scandi minimalist style.

OTTO Hotel & Sun also offers a spa area with some exclusive ways of relaxation. Access to OTTO Sun and the swimming pool area is included in the price of any room but you can also book additional spa treatments and rituals.

In this hotel, you can enjoy sunshine even late in the evening. How is that possible? OTTO Sun ‒ the lamp simulating the light spectrum of natural sunshine ‒ can be switched on at any time of day or night. In the spa area you can go for a swim in the pool and sunbathe in the OTTO Sun afterwards. The rays of this sun are completely safe health-wise, but they replicate the spectrum of natural sunshine, leaving you full of energy and lively.

Pāvilosta is without a doubt one of the most popular destinations in Kurzeme seaside ‒ a white sand beach, a verdant pine forest, early 1900s architecture and a small fishing port. Incidentally, Kurzeme seaside is well-known as a place where you can find natural amber. A nice way to relax, a walk by the sea can also reward you with a honey-coloured amber memento. You can also venture on a longer walk to Akmensrags Lighthouse (9 km) or the steep bank of Labrags (16 km). This beach also boasts one of the best waves in Latvia, making Pāvilosta a popular destination for kitesurfers.

OTTO Hotel & Sun address: Dzintaru iela 7, Pāvilosta