February 14, 2024

Relaxing SPA treatments: spas popular with guests of Hotel Neiburgs

Before we explore spas that have proved most popular by the guests of Hotel Neiburgs, it would be interesting to take a closer look at the combination of these three letters that evokes universally positive emotions.

Author: Kristina Oļševska

Before we explore spas that have proved most popular by the guests of Hotel Neiburgs, it would be interesting to take a closer look at the combination of these three letters that evokes universally positive emotions.

One of the interpretations of the word ‘spa’ considers it an acronym of the Latin phrase ‘sanitas per aquam’ or ‘health through water’. This concept dates back to Ancient Rome, where hot springs and thermal baths were widely used to improve people’s health. According to another explanation of the word ‘spa’, it was borrowed from the name of the Belgian town of Spa, a resort renowned for its mineral springs.

It has been suggested that, to find inner harmony and wellbeing, at least an hour a day should be spent taking care of ourselves. Why not use this hour now and then by enjoying some lovely treatments at a spa? Spa treatments vary and can suit both people looking for peace and relaxation and those who consider themselves enthusiasts of active recreation.

Hotel Neiburgs Spa in the Old Town

Guests of the city and locals alike are invited to spend some rest and relaxation time at the spa salon of Hotel Neiburgs.

You can enjoy our sauna or steam bath and rain shower and order a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice from our restaurant.

Additionally, Hotel Neiburgs in association with PARK SPA offers its guests a range of treatments that will make your travel tension disappear, help relax after a tiring day and summon fresh energy.

Hotel Neiburgs’ priority is the wellbeing of it guests, and for this reason we have forged friendly relations over the years with a number of spas in Riga and other Latvian cities.

Let us take a closer look at some of the other spa salons preferred by our guests:


PARK SPA ‒ a place for wonderful rest, beauty, health and a lively spirit. An exclusive and cosy spa salon in the so-called Quiet Centre of Riga. At this spa centre, you can find a bouquet of marvellous sensations ‒ renewed energy, inner equilibrium, and relaxation for a tired body.

Treatment programmes for couples are in particularly great demand at this spa salon. The spa also offers a range of body massages, facials and peeling treatments. Before the treatments, enjoy a steam bath.

The range of massages and treatments offered at PARK SPA combines the health knowledge accumulated over centuries in various cultures with some of the most successful contemporary techniques and cosmetic products of outstanding quality.

PARK SPA address: Kalpaka bulvāris 9, Riga


TAKA SPA is a daytime spa with a contemporary and cosy décor, personal approach, wonderful atmosphere and caring service provided to every customer. But most importantly ‒ effective treatments, tailored to suit the individual needs of each customer.

TAKA SPA uses centuries-old methods combined with latest beauty practices. This spa uses cosmetic products by the Elemis brand and natural body care products.

TAKA SPA houses three small swimming pools with different water temperatures, a Finnish sauna and a steam bath. After the treatment, you can sip herbal tea and enjoy some treats in the Quiet Room.

TAKA SPA address: Kronvalda bulvāris 3a, Riga

ZIEDLEJAS in Sigulda

What ZIEDLEJAS SPA says about itself: “A place to gather strength and inspiration and share the joy with your loved ones’.

ZIEDLEJAS offers its customers traditional Latvian bath (pirts) treatments in its Glass Bathhouse, Grey Fir Smoke Bathhouse and Woollen Bathhouse.

Experienced masters are in charge of the pirts rituals; each bather is the recipient of the bath master’s attention, pampering and care from arrival to departure, the stay here lasting for 4‒5 hours. The guests enjoy heating treatment, medicinal plant compresses and scrubs, the great ‘pēršanās’ (besom massage), a swim in the pond, massage with medicinal oils and honey, sound vibration treatment, healthy infusions and home-baked bread.

ZIEDLEJAS address: Ziedlejas Gaujmaļi, Krimulda Parish, Sigulda Municipality, LV-2150


LIEPUPE MANOR SPA has created a unique concept, borrowing the best from global practices and combining it with the wealth of nature of the Vidzeme countryside and ancient wisdom.

The treatments use organic products from the Latvian countryside, prepared by the skilful spa masters only shortly before the arrival of the customer. LIEPUPE SPA is the perfect place to entrust yourself to the caring hands of experienced and considerate masters. The range of LIEPUPE SPA offers includes aromatic steam bath, water tub, spa rituals, various massages and face packs. After the treatments, you can enjoy the local herbal teas and healthy treats in the relaxation room at your leisure.

Spa rituals for two. Spa treatments for two is a bonding and energetically charged time spent in the company of each other. Undisturbed rest, the caring hands of the masters and romantic relaxation alone. The couple’s treatments take place simultaneously, in the same room.

LIEPUPE SPA offers the following spa rituals for two:

  • Spa ritual with chestnuts, the jewels of autumn;
  • Romantic rose adventure;
  • Olive oil SPO (salus per oleum);
  • A touch of meadow flowers;
  • Lavender countryside attraction;
  • You and me… ‒ a spa ritual for newlyweds;
  • The healing strength of Vidzeme nature.

LIEPUPE MANOR address: “Liepupes muiža”, Salacgrīva Municipality, Liepupe Parish, Liepupe


ESPA offers five-star spa treatments in the heart of the city centre. It is an opportunity to enjoy sophisticated relaxation at one of the largest internationally recognised five-star recreational centres in the Baltic region. ESPA Riga offers exclusive spa treatments that will allow you to feel completely free of everyday worries and tension. Renew your energy levels and gather new strength for your daily activities at the active recreation zone with a swimming pool, sauna and fitness centre.

The ESPA offer includes relaxing face and body massages, invigorating facial treatments, special maternity treatments, soothing mindfulness rituals for the harmony of body and soul, as well as other exclusive treatments.

Visit to the spa complex will help you recover from the everyday rush, enjoying the baths, saunas and swimming pools. Relax your body and mind, put your thoughts into order and feel the harmony of water.

Guests of the spa can use two swimming pool and sauna areas ‒ the active recreation area on the ground floor of the spa centre and the thermal suite on the 6th floor. One of the thermal suite pools is situated under open sky: you can gaze at the stars while swimming in a heated pool in the very heart of the city.

ESPA address: Baznīcas iela 4a, Riga


PIENA MUIŽA Berghof Hotel & Spa is housed in a renovated neo-rococo manor with centuries’ worth of history. Guests are offered opulent accommodation and surroundings of wonderful natural landscapes. The hotel also offers a spa complex of various baths, open-air pool for cooling, indoors swimming area and a massage centre.

At PIENA MUIŽA (it translates as Milk Manor), you can enjoy a somewhat unusual spa treatment ‒ milk bath. The milk spa parlour invites you to pamper yourself with bathing in milk. The bathhouse complex comprises a hall with a fireplace, a small swimming pool, aromatic steam bath and sauna. Enthusiasts of the traditional pirts (bath) rituals can enjoy both the White Country-style Bath and the Black Stone Bath complete with the services of bathhouse masters.

PIENA MUIŽA address: Sieksāte, Rudbārži Parish, Skrunda Municipality

OTTO Hotel & Sun in Pāvilosta

OTTO Hotel & Sun is a modern seaside hotel in Pāvilosta. Combined with OTTO Hotel, the small seaside town forms a natural environment ideal for taking a break from the rush, switch off the everyday worries, recover lost energy and focus it on your personal wellbeing. Immerse yourself in nature, feel the aroma of pine-trees and the salty Baltic winds ‒ or enjoy the OTTO Hotel & Sun spa wellbeing treatments and charge your body with new energy.

If you feel like charging your body and mind, the spa area of OTTO Hotel & Sun is the answer for you. After a swim in the pool, choose from the extensive range of spa treatments that are complemented by cosmetic products of the PHYTOMER SPA line. These products are the best that the sea can offer your skin to help it shine again in its natural beauty.

A first in the Baltic countries, OTTO SPA offers Red Light Therapy that can improve your wellbeing. The therapy uses specific red light waves that heal the body and nourish the skin cells. They can boost your mitochondria, increase your energy levels, soothe inflammation or pain, accelerate healing of wounds and scars, stimulate smoothing of small wrinkles and your body’s collagen production.

OTTO Hotel & Spa address: Dzintaru iela 7, LV-3466, Pāvilosta