September 24, 2021

Co-owner of Neiburgs Hotel and Restaurant takes part in mounting of a unique photography exhibition

Grey, green-grey, blue or perhaps amber? What is the colour of your eyes? Which colour do you associate with summer, champagne or jazz? And happiness?

Author: Kristina Oļševska

You may be tempted to ponder these and similar questions if you decide to pay a virtual visit to the contemporary photo exhibition ‘View of the World’ that lists the co-owner of our Neiburgs Hotel and Restaurant, talented artist and set designer Katrīna Neiburga among its contributors.

‘I cannot wait to see the macro photography of my eye. Finally, I will be able to take an in-depth look into one of my organs. And the fact that the eye is metaphorically attributed with being the mirror of the soul makes it even more interesting,’ Katrīna comments the project.

Colour perception is an extremely complex process. Everybody sees the world of colours in his or her unique way: somebody may see it in pixels, others ‒ in pantones, through musical notes or screamed-out emotions, through traditional folk costumes and their personal life-stories. For instance, while the colour purple is associated with lilac blossoms and sophisticated elegance in Latvia, it signifies mourning in Thailand. The photo exhibition aims to invoke thoughts of diversity and encourage acceptance of other views of the world.

The virtual exhibition will be centred around ten giant macro photographs of eyes that belong to Latvian cultural figures representing various areas. After a virtual tour of the gallery, the viewer, for instance, will be able to make a symbolic comparison of a composer’s gaze with the way a stage director views the world, while simultaneously getting acquainted with the creative practice of the artists and trying to understand what makes it so special.

The personalities represented at the show include the organist Iveta Apkalna, filmmaker Dzintars Dreibergs, our co-owner, artist and set designer Katrīna Neiburga, ballet dancer and choreographer Elza Leimane, film director Renārs Vimba, glass artist Anda Munkevica and composer Rihards Zaļupe.

The project is supported by State Culture Capital Foundation as part of ‘Latvijas skolas soma’ (‘Latvian School Bag’) project aiming to familiarise young people with representatives of Latvian culture and their view of the world.


We say a bright, loud and all-encompassing thank you to the idea originator Inese Lukaševska (on the left in the picture) and the LUKA communications agency. Two people who also worked on the exhibition are the founders of Iris Project, photographers Olivier Colin (centre) and Felix Mayrl (on the right). Their works have been shown at prestigious events like the Cannes Film Festival and in art metropolises like Dubai, Hamburg, Zürich, Budapest, Amsterdam, Strasbourg and Berlin.

Take a look!