Jauniela 25/27 LV1050,
Riga, Latvia

To find us, your main reference point should be the Dom Cathedral with the Dom Square at the very centre of the Old Town. Jauniela is the street that starts from the Dom Square, on the south side of the Cathedral.

After just a few steps, you will catch sight of our hotel: it is a yellow five-storey building on the left side, at the corner of Jauniela and Krāmu streets.

Information On Transportation

+371 20235504

+371 20235504

+371 20235504


By taxi from Riga
International Airport


By taxi from the Central
Railway Station


By taxi from the Riga
Passenger Terminal


Airport Transfer

If you would like private transportation from Riga International Airport to the hotel, please get in touch with us:

Telephone: +371 67115522

Public Transport

The most affordable and accessible form of transportation both within Latvia and between the Baltic countries.

Buses from Riga International Airport

Public transport in Riga

Intercity trains

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